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  1. Spicy sausage pasta & swiss chard

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    November 10, 2013 by Emily Pergament

    Rob said this tasted and smelled really good, so you’ll have to take his word for it. He has a much more refined palate than me. Anyway, I thought it was good too. The pasta has tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions and spicy chicken sausage in it. I removed the sausage from the casing, cooked it over low heat until it was almost done, then added chopped red onions and mushrooms, cooked a little longer, then added a jar of tomato sauce and covered it. Rob blanched the swiss chard, which was impressive, as we have neither made swiss chard nor blanched anything before in this house. And of course, we had a glass of red wine in our stemless wineglasses (as my mom likes to remind me – they’re great because you won’t knock them over and spill wine everywhere).

    Hope everyone had a delicious and delightful weekend!


  2. Two green pastas

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    July 7, 2013 by Emily Pergament

    Today was the day of two green pastas.

    First, I had spicy cold peanut noodles (with spinach noodles) at LIC Flea.

    peanut noodles

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  3. Creamy bacon pasta… oh yes

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    November 6, 2012 by Emily Pergament

    You read that right, folks! This is my variation of – warning:¬†very¬†loosely based on – Paula Deen’s Tuscan carbonara. Yeah, I said Paula Deen. And I feel my arteries clogging at the mere mention of her name.

    Why would you ruin this glorious meal by serving it with spinach?

    Besides making pasta, which I hope all FIM readers know how to do, here’s how I made the dish:

    -I cooked the bacon in olive oil on medium heat. When it was done (I like it WELL done), I added in the onions to the pan and kept cooking it for a few more minutes. While the pasta was cooking, I covered it and turned it on low heat.
    -I poured a cup of parmesan-reggiano cheese into a bowl and mixed it with black pepper. Lots of black pepper!
    -Once I drained the pasta and put it back in the pot on low heat, I mixed in the bacon and onions. Then, I slowly mixed in the cheese. I decided I did need to use some heavy cream, so I added a little, stirred, then added a little more. I probably used two tablespoons total.
    *I’m not sure how close that is the the 1/4 cup of heavy cream that the recipe calls for, but in my mind it’s much less so I don’t feel so guilty.

    Anyway, this was amazing, and I don’t think we missed the eggs. I made this dish before following the recipe exactly, and mixing the pasta with the egg mixture at the right time over the right heat is just too nerve-wracking.

    Yummy comfort food for election night! What are you having for dinner?


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