A.O.C. and a surprise birthday


October 6, 2013 by Emily Pergament

Surprise! I had a birthday! Not what I mean. Rob threw me a surprised birthday party for the big 2-5.

We started out the night at A.O.C., a place I found on Savored and really wanted to try. Rob didn’t even know that I wanted to try it, so that was an awesome coincidence that he made a reservation there.

We sat outside on the patio, which was huge! It was such a nice fall evening. I hope I get a few more nights out on a patio before it gets too cold.

The calamari was served with tartar sauce. TARTAR SAUCE, PEOPLE! Have you ever seen that before? I haven’t! But it makes perfect sense! And now I am a convert. I always/only want to eat calamari with tartar sauce.


I had the carbonara because I don’t know how to act at a French restaurant. It was creamy and cheesy and bacon-y and yes, that is an egg in its shell on top. Amazing.Resampled_2013-09-20_18-23-48_627

Rob got the “demi poulet,” which means “half chicken.” He insisted that he heard “poulet” was delicious. I told him I’m pretty sure “poulet” just means “chicken” but he was really adamant about how delicious poulet is. It was really good, but it was also just chicken.Resampled_2013-09-20_18-23-55_696

After dinner, Rob and I went to a bar around the corner. He sneakily got me there and then I realized that all our friends were there! We got a big booth and then before I knew it, an ICE CREAM CAKE was being delivered! Imagine my surprise and delight.*

*You don’t have to. Here’s a picture:

And here’s some d-bag taking a cookie from the cake while the photo was being taken.Resampled_2013-09-20_19-54-24_466Happy birthday, indeed.



One thought on “A.O.C. and a surprise birthday

  1. Carolyn Parr says:

    Wonderful birthday! Wonderful husband! Mana


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