Costa Ricaaaa… Costa Ricaaaaa!

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September 19, 2013 by Emily Pergament

Here we cooome!!! (Because I can’t think “Costa Rica” without singing the words to myself this way.) So of course, Rob and I were in Costa Rica on vacation last week. It was beautiful, there were monkeys, we ziplined, pura vida, blah blah blah, let’s talk about the food.

This was the best meal we ate, thanks largely, if not entirely, to the exquisiteness of the fried fish.



We had this at the Buena Vista Lodge on the day we went ziplining. Lunch was the only part of the day that I didn’t fear for my life. (NB – ziplining is terrifying.)

Here’s a picture of a happier time – Rob eating fruit from the breakfast buffet at the hotel. We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste, which is an all-inclusive, so we ate all our meals there except the lunch above.



We had fruit at every meal because it was so good! In Costa Rica, they grow pineapples, watermelon and a bunch of other fruit, but those are my favorites.

Here are some appetizers from the dinner buffet. I don’t know what everything is, but the two little glasses are filled with different ceviches, which Rob was loving. I can’t get on board with ceviche quite yet, but I’m sure I will eventually.



Starting with the thing on the stick and working clockwise, this is: grilled fish on a stick, a tamale, some kind of eggplant with sauce, potatoes with chorizo and fried chicken.




The neon drink on the left, which doesn’t quite look fit for human consumption was called a “Pura Vida.” The mojito on the right is – duh – my daily mojito.



And here is Rob with what he called the best margarita of his life!


Last but not least, here I am eating what I can’t get easily in NYC but I sure as heck can get in Georgia:





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