Dos Caminos

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August 27, 2013 by Emily Pergament

I have always wanted to go to Dos Caminos, so yay! I am glad I went tonight. While I waited for my friend to arrive, I had a glass of sangria at the bar. The bartender asked me how my day was – I guess he could tell I was freaking awkward and not interested in the men’s tennis analysis on TV without sound – and I said good, that I was just waiting for my friend. And when I was almost done with my sangria, he gave me a margarita! How nice of him. I also gave him a good tip for the sangria, so that might have helped.

One more thing. While I was waiting at the bar sitting by myself, an old guy who surely thought he was hot stuff walked over to his group of friends near whom I was sitting.
Old guy, gesturing to three empty seats: “Are you using all these seats?”
Me: “No.” Does it look like I am?
Old guy, gesturing at his friend: “Is this guy bothering you?”
Me: “No.” You, sir, are bothering me.
Old guy: “Has he asked you if you’re Irish?”
Me: “No.” Has anyone asked you if you’re an asshole?
I hope my mono-syllabic answers don’t make me seem cold. I really am friendly. I’m just not interested in asinine commentary from strangers.

Onto the food. The food was delightful! We got the guac, duh, which came with three salsas:

doscaminos (2)

No picture of the guac. It was consumed before I thought to take a picture.

And I got this chicken. The sauce was super spicy! It was fine because I wanted something spicy, but it didn’t even say on the menu that it would be spicy. Anyway and the rice was so good – it had chunks of avocado and some kind of fruit in it.doscaminos (1)

Anyway, Dos Caminos was fun and the food was good. Next time, I’ll be bringing my husband.




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