Two green pastas

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July 7, 2013 by Emily Pergament

Today was the day of two green pastas.

First, I had spicy cold peanut noodles (with spinach noodles) at LIC Flea.

peanut noodles

They were from a stand called Hong Kong Street Truck. I mixed it together before I thought to take a picture. D’oh! Anyway, they were really good and considering it was one billion degrees outside, I wasn’t interested in eating anything hot.

Now, LIC Flea and Food… where to start? I think it has promise, but it’s not quite there yet. I know it’s only been open for a few weeks now, so maybe many people don’t know about it yet, but it wasn’t very crowded. I wish there had been more people there. But again, it was one billion degrees outside, and it’s about a 15 minute walk from the subway in a not-so-great area of town, so maybe that was why. I think if they get more vendors, it could be better. Also, it’s kind of weird how the flea and food vendors are mixed together, but it’s fine. I just wish they were all food vendors.

Onto my next green pasta, linguine with avocado and arugula:

arugla pastaIt looks super foul here, but hear me out – it was delish! Rob and I agreed that the sauce was too thick but there was some confusion over how much arugula to use. See in the recipe where it says three cups/three ounces of arugula? Well the box of arugula we bought said it contained five ounces/two cups. Gee, that’s not very helpful! We used the whole box, and the pesto was somewhat bitter. Maybe it was supposed to be. I don’t know. Also, the recipe says to use pasta water to thin out the sauce, which we did. Anyway, it was very good but I think the sauce would taste much better as a spread on toasted baguette since it was so rich.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Watch something trashy tonight.




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