Robert et Louise

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May 25, 2013 by Emily Pergament

On the second Saturday of our trip, Rob and I ate at Robert et Louise.


We got there around 6:40, and the door was closed and no one was inside. We saw that they opened at 7:00. We were poked our head in and asked if we could make a reservation. The guy behind the bar said we could go in and that they were open then. What fortune! I thought it would be packed and that there would be no way we could get a reservation since Anthony Bourdain ate there. But apparently the early bird gets the worm.


We were seated at a communal table in front of the oven. And by oven, I mean that fire place.IMG_2554

Yep, they just stuck the meat on top of the cooking rack on top of that flame. By the end of our meal, we were joined by a group of three Americans and two French people.

Rob had herring for his appetizer.


And this steak.


For my appetizer, I had escargot. I had had escargot three times before going to France, and had never seen it served in the shells. But every time I saw it in Paris, it was served in the shells.IMG_2556

For my entree, I had lamb chops.

I did not get a picture of the kitchen, but it was very small, and it was right next to the fire place. It was probably 150% the size of my cube at work. It was just a stove for cooking the potatoes and escargot (and maybe other appetizers, but that’s just what I saw them cook on the stove), and there was a TON of meat just hanging out on the counter.

IMG_2565And of course he got a kick out of this.


Edit 6/1/13 – More photos! Here is the kitchen:2013-05-18_18-53-55_185 2013-05-18_18-54-01_133



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