My favorite meal in Paris

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May 21, 2013 by Emily Pergament

If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite meal while in Paris was at La Boussole, in the 6th District. We did the prix fixe menu (not actually called that in Paris – just called “menu”), so we each got an entree (appetizer), plat (entree/main course) and dessert (dessert :-p). My dad and I both got the salmon tartar, and Rob and my mom both had some crab and cheese dish that was really rich and yummy.

IMG_2339 IMG_2340


For our main courses, my dad, mom and I each got the same dish – duck and foie gras in filo dough. I had never eaten foie gras before, and I kind of wanted to try it, but I kind of didn’t because the practice of making foie gras is wholly unsavory to me. But I was in Paris, and it was on the menu everywhere and why do people get so up in arms when you make foie gras illegal, people must love it for a reason?? I don’t know. What a jumble of emotions.



Anyway, that is the dish. None of us could identify where the foie gras was inside the filo dough, but we agreed that the whole thing was delicious and that it had a certain flavor we hadn’t tasted before and could not identify.


Rob had a lamb dish. It’s contents were much clearer and perhaps not as morally repugnant as my dinner.

Onto dessert. I had a chocolate lava cake – DUH I will eat that every time I see it on a menu. It had a minty flavor and the white liquid was a vanilla cream.


My mom had a trio of different flavor creme brulees. One was pistachio, I think one was regular, and I don’t remember the last flavor.IMG_2345

My dad had pineapples and ice cream, with a little shot of some kind of flavoring on the side, in that tube.


Rob had opera cake (my mom called it Oprah cake, and then we all made Gayle jokes). It looked like tiramisu but I don’t know what it tasted like. Perhaps I will ask him, and perhaps he has a better picture that this.IMG_2347





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