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March 14, 2013 by Emily Pergament

Astorians, listen up! If you enjoy eating, you need to go to the Butcher Bar. Even if you don’t enjoy eating, go. It’s so so good. I don’t have the adjectives or adverbs to adequately describe it. And that is a shame because it deserves so much more praise that I will be able to give, but I will try my best.


Rob and I went last night. (In your mind right now: “What?! A mere one night after this eating bonanza?!” Yes, dear reader. It’s true. But stay tuned for some happy news!) We got the butcher’s platter, which came with brisket (above), turkey and pork belly. There was 1/4 pound of each meat.

bbq (2)

bbq (3)

The brisket was my favorite. Well, the pork belly was actually my favorite, but considering it’s essentially just the fattier, thicker version of bacon, it’s not ok to choose that as my favorite. It’s just not fair. Therefore, the brisket was my favorite.

The platter came with two sides, so we got mac and cheese (duh) and string beans, which were served with bacon and onions.

bbq (4) bbq (5) These were the best string beans I have ever eaten. I wonder if it has something to do with whatever oil or fat that is glistening on top.

And just in case anyone was curious about the cole slaw and pickles, here’s a pic.

bbq (6)

Ready for the happy news? Neither of us left feeling stuffed, self-loathing or wondering where to find the nearest chapter of Overeaters Anonymous. The portions were perfect for tasting everything and leaving satisfied. I could easily eat here once a week. If that’s the case, I need it to be Wednesday again, ASAP.


PS – I read on Yelp today that this place is BYOB. I wish I’d read that yesterday, but it’s good to know for next time.



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