March 12, 2013 by Emily Pergament

I have some news that may come as a shock to some of you. I am with child. That child is a food baby.

After a God awful start to the week, tonight is just what I needed. Phyllis and I went to Bice with this deal from Travel Zoo. And since the deal entitled us to each get an appetizer, pasta dish and entree, that’s what we did.

Warning: What you are about to see made me extremely full and I do not suggest that any human being consume the quantity of food that I did tonight. That said, it was amazing.


I started off with eggplant parm. Side note – growing up, eggplant parm was an entree. Here at Bice? Nahhh.


For my pasta dish, I had bowtie pasta with salmon and asparagus in vodka sauce.


For my entree, I had lamb chops, spinach and some grilled vegetables that I just didn’t get to because… see above for what I’d already eaten. The waiter asked how I wanted my lamb cooked, and being completely unsophisticated, I stuttered and looked around and went “Uhh….” and thought for way too long before saying “medium?????” I had never ordered lamb before! I have only eaten it at someone’s house or once in cooking class. I frankly didn’t know that lamb could be cooked to different donenesses (that’s probably/definitely not a word). Anyway, it was done perfectly and it was so delicious. Medium was a good choice.



2 thoughts on “Bice

  1. Anne says:

    Em, what a fabulous looking meal. You are too funny.

  2. Jennifer Turek says:

    Looks delicious! We must go there when we are next in NYC!


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