Cooking Class #2


February 24, 2013 by Emily Pergament

I had cooking class number two yesterday. We made lots of good food again. Sorry that these photos have a weird glow. You’ll get the idea.

There was a lemon-y soup, but it was too tart for my taste.


We made rosemary chicken. We had to rub herb butter under the chickens skin and then tie it. I rubbed all the butter on the wrong side. Oh well. I couldn’t carve it very well either.

These are stuffed tomatoes. They were SO good and spicy. And they weren’t hard to make.0223031421a

This is wild and brown rice pilaf with mushrooms, currants and pine nuts. It was really good, but there were a lot of steps. I definitely wouldn’t make these at home.0223031421b

This is spinach mushroom and bacon salad with a curry vinaigrette that we made.0223031421c

And for dessert, we had cloufati with ice cream. We had one with blueberries, cherries and pears. I didn’t try the one with cherries, but the other two were very good. I forgot to take a picture.



2 thoughts on “Cooking Class #2

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