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February 2, 2013 by Emily Pergament

We had a Groupon to Nomad, which entitled us to one appetizer, two entrees, one dessert and two glasses of wine.

To start, we had the trio dip, served with pita. Left to right, it was a sweet eggplant dip, spicy red pepper dip and cucumber yogurt dip. 2013-02-02_18-49-56_244

The other two dip options we could choose from were hummus and a bean dip. Our waiter said these ones were really good though, so I’m glad we tried something new.

When the server brought the entrees, he tried to set Rob’s dish in front of me. I didn’t get this; Rob did:couscous

I got this:nomad steak

For the record, I ordered my steak to be cooked medium and this was rare. It was almost purple. 

So apparently I got a man meal. Or Rob got a lady’s meal. Oh well. I didn’t try Rob’s because I do not like couscous. (In case you can’t tell what Rob’s dish is, it’s couscous with lamb, merguez sausage, chicken and vegetables.)

Neither of us was really interested in dessert after our entrees. We were stuffed. So we opted for something light. We got the chocolate mousse.

mousseThis was our third time there. Everything was delish and we will definitely be back again. Nomad is on Savored* so if you want to go, I would book through that.


*If you still don’t use Savored after reading my effusive praise of it, I just… am speechless.




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