How did I mess up cookies from a box?!


December 19, 2012 by Emily Pergament

I really don’t understand. I bought another box of gingerbread mix and I followed the instructions exactly as they’re written, and yet I could not make the dough! WTF! It was super crumbly and wasn’t making a dough. So I added more butter. It didn’t help. I added more water. It didn’t help. Anyway, I lumped the crumbly/dough-ish concoction into little balls and put them on the cookie tray. I cooked them, and they were a wreck. How is it possible that I followed the directions and it didn’t work?!



3 thoughts on “How did I mess up cookies from a box?!

  1. Jennifer Turek says:

    sometimes it helps to chill the dough before you roll it out…or was it rainy or humid out? Tat can affect the texture.

  2. addie says:

    Had the cookie mix passed it’s expiration date?

  3. Phil says:

    Ya have to ask yourself – “What was the Ph of the water I added to the cookie mix”?, “Wonder if the butter had radioactive waste in it”? “Could this be another Republican party attempt to ruin my life”?.


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