Creamy bacon pasta… oh yes

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November 6, 2012 by Emily Pergament

You read that right, folks! This is my variation of – warning: very loosely based on – Paula Deen’s Tuscan carbonara. Yeah, I said Paula Deen. And I feel my arteries clogging at the mere mention of her name.

Why would you ruin this glorious meal by serving it with spinach?

Besides making pasta, which I hope all FIM readers know how to do, here’s how I made the dish:

-I cooked the bacon in olive oil on medium heat. When it was done (I like it WELL done), I added in the onions to the pan and kept cooking it for a few more minutes. While the pasta was cooking, I covered it and turned it on low heat.
-I poured a cup of parmesan-reggiano cheese into a bowl and mixed it with black pepper. Lots of black pepper!
-Once I drained the pasta and put it back in the pot on low heat, I mixed in the bacon and onions. Then, I slowly mixed in the cheese. I decided I did need to use some heavy cream, so I added a little, stirred, then added a little more. I probably used two tablespoons total.
*I’m not sure how close that is the the 1/4 cup of heavy cream that the recipe calls for, but in my mind it’s much less so I don’t feel so guilty.

Anyway, this was amazing, and I don’t think we missed the eggs. I made this dish before following the recipe exactly, and mixing the pasta with the egg mixture at the right time over the right heat is just too nerve-wracking.

Yummy comfort food for election night! What are you having for dinner?




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