The Barbeque That Started It All

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October 21, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Claire and I rolled into Annapolis around 4:30 p.m. and took an hour nap before piling back into the car for the final 10-minute drive of our day, to the esteemed family household.  I’ll be honest, we came pretty close to showing up later than we did, as we passed both bowling and putt-putt (that’s right) on the way and the temptation was quite strong.  We soldiered on though and were walking through the quaint backyard gate by 6:30 to raucous cheers and applause (OK, Emily shrieking that she was so happy we were there).

After finally meeting Emily’s parents, saying hello to Rob’s parents, and fawning over the adorable dogs, we were greeted with four bottles of wine (more on those later), a cooler of soda and beer, peanuts, cheesy chips of some sort, a vegetable plate that I of course didn’t touch and a cheese-and-crackers plate, which I ripped right into.  Along with staples like cheddar, I was thrilled to see some bleu cheese, which I quickly found I was too enthusiastic over as I piled a quarter of a wedge onto not even a dozen crackers.

After an hour or so of schmoozing, meeting Lauren and other wedding party members, Rob and Emily’s dads had finished grilling some chicken and the BBQ spread was ready on the kitchen table.  Props to the gentlemen for some excellently grilled chicken, which was thoroughly cooked yet quite tender, making for a perfect sandwich.  A fruit bowl medley served as a good side along with guac, some delicious deviled eggs and other BBQ essentials.  Simply put, everything was fantastic.

After some lengthy berating from Emily, her dad was kind enough to get a fire going in the pit for some s’mores action, which we all took part in enthusiastically.  Emily was sure to inform everyone that they first need to burn the bacteria off the end of the stick before spearing the marshmallow, and then we proceeded to cook them, from lightly crisping to full-on setting them on fire (yours truly’s preference)


…while some of us played ladder-golf.

Things got less innocent from there as the ladies present grabbed three bottles of wine and headed into the gazebo as we men (plus Allie) stuck outside and chatted about everything from Rob’s impending birthday to replacement officials to Sean and my intense job-mandated Child Abuse training over the next several hours.  People finally filtered out around 11:00-11:30 completely psyched for the rest of the weekend.

Thanks to the parentals for hosting and cooking, we all had a great time and it really kicked the weekend off perfectly!




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