Davis’ Pub Crab Pretzel


October 21, 2012 by Emily Pergament

I’m sure everyone recalls Emily’s mother Jennifer’s Where to Eat entry back on Sept. 10, which I’m told was requested pretty much to sate my yearning for all things crab in the Annapolis. This is the first of what will be several reviews from our long weekend in Naptown, which is just an awesome nickname.

This wasn’t our first stop – we hit up Acme for brunch on Saturday – but it was certainly the highlight of my trip, at least (well, the wedding was OK too I guess). A short walk back down Main Street, across the drawbridge into Eastport, down two avenues and a left turn later (all the while with me trying to memorize my readings for the next day), we found ourselves at the infamous Davis’ Pub. Because I definitely can’t say it any better than this, in Jennifer’s own words:

“It IS a total dive but it’s not scary, and it’s in a charming part of town off the beaten path.”

All too accurate.  Keep in mind, Claire and I are not more than 15 minutes removed from a hearty brunch, but I just couldn’t wait – we sat down, I tried to convince myself to at least give the entire menu a once-over, but in the end I of course went with the reason I had driven down to Naptown – the legendary Crab Pretzel: “Toasted jumbo soft pretzel roll topped with Davis’ own Back Creek Crab Dip and melted cheddar. 6.95”

(I am salivating so much looking at the menu again right now.  Does anyone know where I can get crab meat in Astoria?)

How I didn’t see this below is beyond me: “Bacon Crab Pretzel 8.45.”  Rest assured I will be all over that next time.

It was incredible.  Even taking into account how full we were and how huge this was (jumbo apparently equals two halves of a thick, 6-inch diameter pretzel roll), I enjoyed every second of it.  The crab dip seemed like it was crab meat mixed with just a bit too much cream cheese for Claire and some Old Bay seasoning, but what do I really know?  There was definitely some cheese baked on top, and it was fantastic.  I couldn’t even finish it, I’m ashamed to admit.  The roll was, as I said, very thick, but not at all rigid/stale; spongy would probably be the best way to describe it.

Emily can surely testify to how satisfied I looked afterward, as we passed her and Sarah  on the way out/in.  I’m sure I was fairly comatose at that point, but in a very good way.  If you get the chance to make it out to Davis’ I can’t recommend it much more highly.

Had the crab pretzel at Davis’?  Had better?  You bet I want to hear about it.



One thought on “Davis’ Pub Crab Pretzel

  1. Jennifer Turek says:

    Mark, I am so glad you and Claire enjoyed it. Davis Pub is such a gem. I’ve never had anything less than delicious there. Their burgers are especially tasty as well. You will have to come hungry next time!


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