Artichoke Pizza


September 24, 2012 by Emily Pergament

I have heard from multiple sources that Artichoke Pizza is the best in NYC, so I decided to check it out on Saturday. When I got to their Greenwich Village location, I was having trouble deciding which slice to try. The friendly worker suggested the spinach and artichoke pizza since it’s their most popular.

See this is actually on two paper plates? That’s how big this is.

From what I could tell, this gigantic slice had spinach and artichoke dip spread on the crust with a layer of mozz cheese on top. It cost $4.50, which blew me away. I suppose specialty slices do cost more, but they didn’t have prices listed anywhere.

I ate about half of the slice. The good parts were the flavorand the crust, which was thick yet crunchy, and the sheer enormity was admirable. The bad parts were the price, that there was no discernible spinach or artichokes on my pizza, and that it was quite greasy (though I suppose these last two points could count in its favor in someone else’s opinion).

So is Artichoke Pizza deserving of the title “best pizza in NYC”? Hell no. That title still belongs to Numero 28 in my book. Will I eat there again? Probably not, but I would if someone else was paying.

What’s your favorite pizza in NYC?



One thought on “Artichoke Pizza

  1. esther says:

    I agree! I’m not sure why people go nuts over Artichoke. I assume people eat it after drinking and think it’s good.

    I haven’t been to Numero 28 so I can’t weigh in there, but the best pizza in NYC = Difara’s in brooklyn. hands down!


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