Discontinued junk food


September 22, 2012 by Emily Pergament

What a blast from the past! Look at this list of 25 discontinued junk foods. There are some I don’t remember at all and some I never tried, but I’d say most of these were rightfully discontinued. Which loss do you mourn the most? My favorite on this list was Butterfinger BBs.



3 thoughts on “Discontinued junk food

  1. Claire says:

    They still have crispy M&Ms in Australia! They’re EVERYWHERE.

    This made me want some butterfinger BB’s and a squeeze-it! Although I’m pretty sure squeeze-its are terrible for you.

    The waffle crisp one is not true though. Mark buys it at Key Food all the time.

  2. Mark says:

    I LOVED crispy M&Ms. Pepsi Blue tasted like mouthwash. BBs were a good movie theater candy. SURGE! Never really got 3D Doritos. Squeeze its were the BEST, I probably liked twisting the tops off more than actually drinking them (what are they now – Mondo or something?) Yeah I definitely had waffle crisp yesterday. Oreo O’s seriously may have been the most delcisious cereal of all time. I cry over Wonder Balls every day.


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