Search for Thai: Wave Thai


September 20, 2012 by Emily Pergament

We’ve been searching for a new Thai/Indian place since our favorite on Ditmars, Spiced, closed unexpectedly over the summer. This is one of what will probably end up being several articles chronicling our search across Astoria.

First up is Wave Thai. Let me preface by saying we have already been here last fall and only ordered in just last week, so it probably deserves another visit before we set anything in stone.

On our first visit, we loved the atmosphere – chill lighting, a nice arrangement of flora and a great outside seating area, even for a place on 31st Street. That stuff is really important to Claire in a dining experience, and I certainly like a more relaxed atmosphere when I eat so we were both pretty satisfied there. If I recall correctly, I ordered my permanent appetizer, Tom Yum shrimp soup, and followed it with a duck dish that I don’t entirely recall other than the duck being pretty darn good – full of flavor, not-too-chewy and cut into perfect-sized pieces. Claire I’m sure got the pad thai, as she always does. Unfortunately, she was feeling sick that night and couldn’t give a real reliable account on the dish.

Last week, we took a walk down to 30th Avenue looking for something reasonably priced that we were in the mood for and ended up just walking back and ordering – both felt kind of strange that night, I guess. We ended up making exactly the right choice though, as our enthusiasm for Wave Thai was reignited even ordering in. I of course got the Tom Yum shrimp soup, which was not quite as spicy as I like it but still fantastic, with chicken fried rice, which was surprisingly spicy and thus just the way I like it. Claire got pad thai as always, although it turned out to be a very tough decision against several other fantastic-sounding dishes. She was pretty happy with it, but feels there is probably still better out there.

This was all at pretty reasonable prices, especially for good Thai food. Where else are you going to find $3 Tom Yum soup? Nowhere, if the dozen-plus restaurants I’ve tried it at are any indication. It’s a generously ladled “small” portion too. Neither entrée topped $10 either. We will definitely be taking another in-person visit before it gets way too cold out. We’ll be sure to update this post.

Have a better Thai place? What’s your go-to order?



2 thoughts on “Search for Thai: Wave Thai

  1. Claire says:

    Don’t forget the fountain! Wave has a fountain in the restaurant! I love fountains.

    • Mark says:

      Oh yeah! I got that confused with 3E but I guess they both did. Wave’s was pretty awesome though. We hould go there tomorrow.


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