So fat, so happy

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September 19, 2012 by Emily Pergament

This evening, I had dinner with my friend that I met on Amtrak in July. Crazy, right? Anyway, we went to Giorgio’s of Gramercy, and I’m at home now in a blissful food coma. (I imagine that quote on their promotional materials – “I’m… in a blissful food coma.” – Fat In Manhattan, premiere food blog of NYC.)

I ate this delicious linguine with lobster, shrimp and tomatoes, plus haricot verts and pomodoro sauce, neither of which I knew what they were before the waitress told me.

I wish I had a better camera, but these pictures are from my old cell phone. They do not do any part of this meal justice, and I debated even including them.

My friend had the lobster mac and cheese, which I have had there before, and she LOVED it, as did I when I previously had it.

For dessert, we EACH had the s’mores bread pudding.

It’s warm and gooey and there are marshmallows on top and caramel sauce and vanilla gelato and those crunchy chocolate pieces. SO GOOD!! I don’t even know what bread pudding is. I don’t like pudding, but this is more like a cake-like brownie. I ate everything, including the graham cracker.

Here is some other info about the restaurant that doesn’t involve food: Our reservation was for 6:30, but I’d say we sat around 6:20. We were probably the first table that was sat (though the bar was crowded). By the time we left at around 7:40, there was a line almost out the door! The ambiance is so nice. It’s dark and warm but not really romantic. Does that make sense? I guess it’s romantic if you’re on a date. But it’s fine to go here even if you’re not on a date.

Now, I am sitting at home, barely alive due to my food coma, but at least I can die happy.




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