Studio Square


September 16, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Studio Square is a beer garden in Astoria, and last night, I celebrated my birthday there. This is me and my balloons before anyone got there:

Those are the brownies under that foil! They were a big hit.

We got there early to get a table, and I spread out my desserts and plates and napkins so no one else sat at our table. It worked!

Rob had kielbasa and fries. I think you get two huge pieces and fries for $7? It’s very cheap.I got chicken fingers, but there’s no picture of that to my knowledge. Rob must have had FIM on the brain when he got his food! Kudos for taking a picture. Anyway, the chicken fingers come with a lot of food too for $6.

The beer and drinks aren’t as cheap as the food, but I think the prices are reasonable.

Now we’re going to go walk it off in Central Park on this beautiful late summer morning!

How are you spending your Sunday?



4 thoughts on “Studio Square

  1. us. says:

    Uh – let’s see. Friend’s of mine are gettin’ married at the end of the month, so I guess I’ll be at CVS and Walgreen’s lookin’ for a gift!!

  2. us. says:

    Rubbing Alcohol is always appreciated by newly weds…..

  3. Claire says:

    “Big Hit” does not begin to do those brownies justice. They were amazing!

  4. Mark says:

    Don’t forget my mac and cheese with BREAD CRUMBS. And they give you nachos with which to scoop and eat the mac n cheese. Doesn’t get much better.


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