My birthday dinner, part 2


September 15, 2012 by Emily Pergament

See part 1. 

Here are more pictures and my analysis.Rob enjoying himself. Glad he’s having fun.

The macaroni and cheese before I dug in. The amazing thing about this mac is that the top is crispy but there are no breadcrumbs. I detest breadcrumbs on my mac! Anyway, of course this is the best mac I have ever had. I do think it’s that crispy topping that pushes it over the top.

My cocktail, called “Lemo-Need-This.” It sounded more like a mojito than it tasted. It was really sour, but there was sugar on the rim. It was yummy. It left a lingering but pleasant burn in my throat. I wonder if that’s a bad thing. It didn’t seem bad.

Our “sauteed greens.” The greens of the day were kale and spinach, so this is what we got. Rob’s analysis entailed the memorable quotes “I don’t know where the kale starts and the spinach ends,” and “It’s probably always spinach and kale, I don’t know what other vegetables you can sautee.” These were good because they tasted pretty unhealthy – like olive oily and garlicy and salty. I know that may not sound appetizing, but we thought they were so good.

This is the atmosphere. It’s nice inside. I always prefer to sit inside at restaurants. If I wanted to eat outside, I would eat a bagel in my apartment’s courtyard.

Other notes: our waitress was very nice and knowledgeable. She explained how bone marrow was used differently in different dishes. And she was really nice to the annoying, needy people at the table next to us, who apparently collect vintage bone marrow spoons, which somehow gives them the right to question every dish on the menu. She told me my glasses were pretty. I think she was joking, but whatever.

Rob popping in for a second: Okay did you see the steak on the last page. Oh lord. Hanger steak, cooked to perfection, marinated in wine sauce with bone marrow. Ye gods!

Thank you Rob. I have never heard that saying before, though you do always teach me new words and phrases…

Tonight at dinner, I declared Almond my favorite restaurant. It could have been the mac. It could have been the three cocktails. It could have been because it’s my birthday. But for now, the title stands.



One thought on “My birthday dinner, part 2

  1. Mark says:

    The steak appositive was definitely necessary. Sounds incredible. I would get both that and the mac and cheese; both look way too good to decide between.


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