Winner winner chicken dinner


September 12, 2012 by Emily Pergament

This post is dedicated to my sister, who, when I last told her I made chicken for dinner, asked how to do that. Cooking isn’t one of her strong suits.

So here are the easy peasy, super thorough, leave nothing to chance instructions for Lauren and anyone else who hates cooking or just doesn’t know how to.

Ok. We’re going to cook this chicken on the stove because it’s still summer and we’re not turning on the oven. So go to the grocery store and buy thin cut bonesless, skinless chicken breast. You can get it organic if that’s important to you.

Next, turn on the stove. Use Pam or a non stick pan (it’s debatable whether you can use them together). Or just use oil in your non stick pan or regular pan. It’s not that complicated. Turn it on low-medium heat for a minute or two.

Drop your chicken in. Put a ton of jerk seasoning on it.

Let it cook for about 3-3 1/2 minutes. Then, grab your tongs and flip it to the other side. Put more seasoning on it and let it cook another three minutes.

Then, take your chicken out of the pan. You’re done!

If you have any fears about whether it’s done enough, cut into the middle or the thickest part to make sure it’s not pink inside. I fully endorse this step as I am quite afraid of salmonella.

Eat this by itself, cold on a salad the next day for lunch, or like I want to but won’t – with melted cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a roll. Sigh. Last time we made this, I cut up the leftover chicken, put it in the fridge until it was cold, and mixed it with extra jerk and mayo for a delicious spicy chicken salad.



5 thoughts on “Winner winner chicken dinner

  1. us. says:

    Dead flesh. Cooked.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Emily you are a good sister. I’m sure Lauren can master that as well as other things! I also like to use the jerk seasoning on fish. Yummy!!!

  3. Padge says:

    The next day, chop those bits o’ chicken up into bits and mix with mayo. Put on some bread (spread with some additional mayo) and you are in for one nice treat.


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