Perfect guac from Rosa Mexicano chef


September 12, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Who knew that September 16th is National Guacamole Day? Not me. I certainly wouldn’t mind whipping up a batch to eat while football is on – sounds like the perfect fall Sunday. So watch this video on The Daily Meal to see a chef from Rosa Mexicano teach you how to make the perfect guac.

Have you ever made guacamole before? How did it turn out?



4 thoughts on “Perfect guac from Rosa Mexicano chef

  1. Becky says:

    I made this without jalapenos, because I didn’t have any. I didn’t add very much onion either. I also heard that lemon juice makes guacamole very tasty, per Eva Longoria. Then, I ate the whole bowl with pretzels. I will definitely make this on a regular basis!

  2. Jillian says:

    The perfect guacamole only needs 4 ingredients: avocado, red onion, line juice, sea salt. Nothing else. Love, your resident Texican.


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