FIM’s first recipe contest


September 12, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Congratulations! You are reading about FIM’s first ever recipe contest.

In honor of football season, and in the interest of keeping the first recipe contest simple, our dish is:


Such as this dip I found on Pinterest. Click photo for credit.

Warm, cold, spicy or sweet; for chips, veggies or fruit – submit your best dip recipe!

Here is how it will work:
1) Each person may submit one recipe.
2) Include in your entry the source of the recipe. If it isn’t your original recipe, tell me where it came from.
3) Rob and I will make up to five of the submitted dishes. We will blog about the cooking process and the finished products. We will choose and announce the first and second place dishes.
4) You may not win back-to-back contests.
5) Anyone can enter, even if you have contributed to FIM before. However, contributing to FIM does not increase your chances of winning.
6) Email me ( your recipe, name and recipe source.

I will take entries until Wednesday 9/19, so get them in by then! The winner will be announced on Sunday 9/23. I’ll post the submitted recipes for all FIM readers to enjoy.


PS – you were going to be able to win a gift card if you were in first or second place but…


2 thoughts on “FIM’s first recipe contest

  1. Mark says:

    Oh, do we have a recipe coming for you…


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