Battle of the homemade fro Greek yo

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September 12, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Welcome to the battle of the homemade frozen Greek yogurt.

The first one, I found on Pinterest. It has plain Greek yogurt, cocoa powder and sugar.

Powder and yogurt.

Mixed together.

I can’t tell you how much sugar I added. There’s no way to say. You really do just have to add a little, taste the chocolatey sour creamy mess and add more. I stopped adding when I couldn’t bear to add any more sugar, even though it still tasted sour.

This made only two popsicles. So for the other two, I experimented.

I mixed together a lemon Greek yogurt and some pink grapefruit juice. This will hopefully yield a magical, earth-shattering, citrus creamsicle delight from the gods. Both have lots of added sugar, so I’m not worried about this tasting sour. But I didn’t taste it at all.

Before mixing.


Both kinds together.

They’re sitting in the freezer now. We’ll see how they turn out!





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