It’s like meeting mom and dad (+coupon for free wine!)


September 11, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Dear FIM readers – I am letting you meet Gleason’s. It’s like taking you home to mom and dad. Gleason’s is our neighborhood haunt. They have happy hour until 7:00 (it used to be 8:00 before they came under new management), with deals on drinks and appetizers. HH is Monday-Friday (used to be on Saturday, too), but it’s all day and all night on Mondays. I guess we missed it by a day tonight!

Here are the old faithful appetizers. Sometimes we get others (wings or truffle fries), but these never disappoint:

Cheeseburger sliders

I swear there is crack or something in these. They are my favorite burger, period. They are SO GOOD. I apologize that my food critic vocabulary is lacking and that I compensate by using all caps, but really. They are salty and cheesy and sauteed oniony.  Perfect.

Spinach artichoke dip (yes, it’s under that melted cheese)

The old management used to let you get it with pita bread instead of chips, and I really do miss that option, but what can ya do. On the other hand, the new management made two HUGE improvements: taking credit cards for checks over $25 and much better and faster service.

If you’re not there for HH, they have solid sandwiches and great burgers. Oh and last time we were there, we got the mozzarella sticks, which were insanely large – it was like you put three pieces of string cheese together and fried them. Also, someone else at the bar ordered zucchini chips and pizza. We’ve never ordered either, but I was surprised that they both looked pretty good. If you’re there for entertainment, they have trivia on Wednesdays (once we won $10 in fourth place, yay!) and a band on Friday nights. The band plays crowd pleasers that let everyone sing along.

If you go on a Thursday, you can print out this coupon to get a free bottle of wine when you order two entrees. How did I just learn about this?! Yes please.

On the drink front tonight, I had a glass of sangria, which I believe was strong, but I didn’t have lunch, so I’m not sure.

What bar food do you love?



4 thoughts on “It’s like meeting mom and dad (+coupon for free wine!)

  1. Claire says:

    I am printing that coupon out RIGHT NOW! Do they still do trivia?

  2. Mark says:

    You know my feelings about Gleason’s but I may have to try it again with the new management…those sliders were just incredible. Still $5 HH appetizers?


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