Wedding: Where to eat


September 10, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Editor’s note – Rob and I are getting MARRIED at the end of the month in my hometown of Annapolis. We will be running a series highlighting the food of the wedding festivities. This first post offers suggestions of where to eat to out of town guests. I know my friends had asked where they can get a crab pretzel, so I starred the places with crab dip and/or crab pretzel. -Emily

Welcome to historic Annapolis, Maryland! Emily asked me to suggest some bars/restaurants for her out-of-town visitors who are about to descend on us for the wedding festivities. Friends were particularly interested in where to get soft shell crabs but I believe their season is now over. Don’t fret though because there are MANY delicious local delicacies to try! Let’s run down the list shall we?

I’m skipping the pricier places as I am guessing her pals are looking for a fun environment with good, inexpensive eats. One word of advice: Annapolis will be crowded that weekend as Navy has a home game so once you get your car in one of the garages I strongly suggest you leave it there and walk to everything.

Ok. Let’s start at the bottom of Main Street, near the water, and work our way up. McGarvey’s Saloon* is a favorite with locals and visitors as well.  If there were a soft shell sandwich to be had, this would be the place. The also have delicious garlic mussels and a creamy crab dip that is to die for. Advantages: a lively, noisy, fun environment.  Disadvantages: It’s small in the front bar (there is a bigger room in the back) so it fills up quickly.

There are just far too many places to review every one! Up Main Street your bars/casual places are on the left side (water behind you for reference) O’Brien’s, Castlebay, Acme.  All fun and tasty.  If you are in the mood for sushi, Joss is very popular and wonderful.

At the top of Main Street, go left, round the circle and head down West Street.  On your left is the wonderful Rams Head Tavern*, home of FORDHAM beer. This wonderful gem has a gorgeous brick patio out back where you can dine and sometimes catch a local band. The fish tacos move me to tears with their deliciousness. Really, everything here is superb.

Go a little further and you will run into Stan and Joe’s Saloon*. This lively dive is very popular with the locals. People of all ages love Stan and Joes. The bartenders are friendly and the food is good and cheap.

There are many many more good places. I just thought I would highlight a few for you. Everyone is SUPER friendly so if you are lost or want to know where something is, ask anyone.

I hope you find my recommendations helpful!  See you in Naptown!


P.S. – If your friends want the best crab pretzel, hands down, then they have to hoof it over the drawbridge to Eastport and find Davis Pub*, featured recently on “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.”

It IS a total dive but it’s not scary, and it’s in a charming part of town off the beaten path.


4 thoughts on “Wedding: Where to eat

  1. Patrick says:

    Lure’s in Crownesville is delicious! Also, Lemongrass

  2. carolyn parr says:

    Helpful post by Jennifer. As a Dc resident I always find Annapolis a treat. I’m saving this one!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for the advice, we are so excited to try literally every one of those places!


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