Sanford’s brunch


September 9, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Saturday morning, we got brunch at Sanford’s. Emily called it “average” before, so now we’re going to debate the veracity of that claim.

Emily: Some background – Sanfords is in Astoria. Their brunch is $14. For that price, you get two alcoholic or non-alcoholic breakfast drinks; coffee, tea or hot chocolate; and a breakfast or lunch selection.

Let’s get this party started!

First, we toasted to FIM with our mimosas.

Rob: The Bloody Mary here is actually one of the best I’ve had. Very balanced between the tomato and spices, and not too thick because they are generous with the vodka. The mimosas are nice as well, crisp and refreshing in the morning. They have screwdrivers too but that seems a little hardcore to me for 10 am.

Emily: Rob had an omelette with sausage, onions and Swiss cheese. The good thing about Sanford’s is that they give you the toppings list and you can choose up to five.


I had eggs benedict. I’d say it was standard. If this place isn’t an average diner, I’d say it’s because of it’s ambiance (modern, sleek and dark) and really reasonable brunch special. The food is standard. Obviously that’s not bad since we always go here. Rob was mad when I called it average before though…

Rob: Let me explain to you why I think you can fall into the trap of calling Sanford’s “average.” And then I will explain why it is one of the wrongest ideas you have ever had.

Sanford’s serves a lot of normal diner food. The omelettes, eggs benedict, burgers and chicken sandwiches are all fine but pretty ordinary. There is nothing special about the fried potatoes. Let’s face it – omelettes are omelettes and fried potatoes are fried potatoes.

But there are A LOT of dishes on the Sanford’s menu that are anything but ordinary. The steak skillet is my personal favorite – I didn’t get it at this meal, but it is literally a skillet of steak, potatoes and poached eggs. Everything mixes together for an amazing flavor. And there’s the gouda-infused duck burger. It’s kind of like a cupcake with surprise icing in the middle except its a unique-tasting duck burger with surprise CHEESE in the middle.

That said, you can get interesting brunch dishes all over the city. What really sets Sanford’s apart is the prices. For brunch you can get an incredible meal that would easily cost $10 to $15 bucks at any place, plus TWO BREAKFAST DRINKS. You’re conservatively talking about a $25 value for $14 bucks. That’s why there’s a huge line out the door by noon on the weekends. Good food, great drinks, and incredible prices.

Emily: Yeah, I really never get anything special. Maybe I will need to branch out in the future. Fine, you have convinced me to get something different next time! I just feel like brunch isn’t the time to experiment. Good thing they’re open 24/7. Oh, how could I forget to mention Stanford’s has THE BEST dessert ever ever ever anywhere.

Rob:I have nothing more to add. I just hope you don’t make the mistake of calling them average again or I will unleash another 1,000 word rant.



2 thoughts on “Sanford’s brunch

  1. Claire says:

    Sanford’s is delicious.


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