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September 8, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Editors note: I learned at 6:57 p.m. today that the word is “Brussels,” not “Brussel.” 

Oh boy. I never ate Brussels sprouts growing up. I think my mom hates them.

The first time I had them was last year. Rob’s parents very generously took us to A Voce in Columbus Circle, and they ordered Brussels sprouts for the table. In my head, I thought “Dear Lord, why does my first time eating these have to be at a fabulous restaurant with my fiance and future in-laws. What if I gag and hate them and make an awful face.” But I ate them, and they were so good.

If you’re going to have a first time eating a food you’re unsure about, it should be at a fancy restaurant because it will probably be delicious no matter what it is.

Anyway, I pinned this recipe because I would have no idea how to make sprouts on my own.

Plus, how can you not want to make something that looks like this?

I mean, it is from a blog called The Cooking Photographer, so what do you expect. But I can smell it from here. Click photo for credit.

Onto the sprouts that I made.

I didn’t know how to mince garlic or what a garlic clove was before my cooking class. This is what my minced garlic looked like:

Ooohh didn’t realize it was so chunky until I looked at this picture.

Here are the sprouts after I took them out after 25 minutes:

And finished:

Yes, Mr. President, I did make these sprouts!*

I bought two bags of frozen sprouts, so I thawed them by running them under warm water first.

The recipe was very straightforward, but I made two modifications.

First, I cooked turkey bacon (organic and nitrate free, no worries) to make it as crispy as I could. I added that into the mix.

I also added some parmesan cheese when I tossed it after 25 minutes.


*Please don’t read into this caption at all. I will never politicize this goofy food blog!



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