Point/Counterpoint: Scathing Pro-Bubble Tea Response


September 7, 2012 by Emily Pergament

It’s been some time coming, but it’s finally here. Believe it.

Devoted followers may recall an abomination of a post over the weekend questioning the basically divine quality of the ingenious Taiwanese creation known as bubble tea (or boba) which we got on Sunday at Tapioca Store.

There were essentially two alleged negatives regarding the bubble tea – 1) Emily doesn’t like milk in her tea and 2) She didn’t know what the Tapioca balls were made of.

First of all, milk is delicious. Especially in tea. As for the Tapioca balls, as Rob mentioned in his post, Claire thought the Tapioca balls were made from a root, which was right, and since Rob has set the precedent for our credibility of sources already, behold the infallible writings of Wikipedia:

“Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava (woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae [spurge family]).”

I will buy the first person to correctly identify a spurge a small bubble tea of their choice.

I did prompt Rob to rate the bubble tea, which he did as a 7 out of 10; but we all know that was about two points lower simply because Emily was in the room. I’ll chalk the last missing point up to the consensus poor flavor choice (although I’ll take some blame there, having said that all flavors are good; clearly Rob just had to take that literally). I’m a big fan of the banana, vanilla, strawberry and plain tapioca (kind of like chocolate, but not as sweet) in milk teas, while honeydew and other fruity flavors seem to be best sans milk.

Let me qualify this counterpoint with a brief review of this particular boba establishment. I’m happy to admit it certainly was not the best I’ve ever had, but it was by no means the worst either. Slightly above average is probably fair to say. The ice overpowered the flavor to an extent, but the rest was delicious – had I not been such a connoisseur of bubble tea already, I would have considered this a fantastic place. It’s still the best I’ve had in Astoria. I’ve had better in Manhattan and by St. John’s, although I’m sure the best in Queens is to be found in Flushing/Chinatown. I look forward to that trip!

I wish I could provide joyous photos of myself and Claire enjoying our bubble tea, but I think this would be more appropriate:

Click for source

And someone back me up on this – if it comes from a root, it’s a vegetable. Fact. Kindly leave your affirmation for Claire below. Please also berate Emily to come out with us again for a better flavor bubble tea with no milk before she tells Rob to bash it for her.



3 thoughts on “Point/Counterpoint: Scathing Pro-Bubble Tea Response

  1. Claire says:

    False. Tapioca is as much of a vegetable as pizza is. I would also like to point out that I too do not like milk in my tea either, and Boba without milk is delicious.

  2. Mapo Tofu says:

    Keep us all updated as your earlier blogging site
    was fantastic!


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