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September 6, 2012 by Emily Pergament

On the corner of Broadway and 33rd in Astoria is one of the strangest spectacles in town. After dark, the entire building flashes purple, then blue, then green, then yellow, as techno music pumps out onto the street. The bright lights are coming from Omonia, the disco diner. The food at the diner is okay, and mediocre compared to Sanford’s and Michael’s, but they recently opened up a charming bakery next door, with dozens of good desserts and a brightly-lit garden in the back.

Last night, we stopped by and tried the galaktoboureko (literally “milk pie”), a Greek custard and phyllo-based dessert:

Galaktoboureko is great for the sweet tooth, with a crunchy crust and a creamy but firm custard center. It was sprinkled with cinnamon as well for an extra kick.

Just in case we didn’t like it, we also ordered a straight vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing. Omonia Next Door is reliable for its American desserts as much as its Greek ones. They have good red velvet cake and carrot cake as well. The cupcake was piled high with icing AND had a thick band of icing down the middle:

The cupcake can be summed up in one word: fudgy. Deliciously fudgy. As you can see its about 80 percent icing. My kind of cupcake.




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