Savored – why haven’t I written about this yet?


September 4, 2012 by Emily Pergament

If there is one post on this blog that has any use whatsoever, it’s this one. Put it to work for you. is amazing, and I can’t think of any excuse not to make reservations through this website. I think I’ve told everyone I know to go here. They probably think I work for them. I swear I don’t!

Anyway, Savored allows people to reserve tables at less busy times and receive 15-30% off the bill (usually 30%). Tax is applied to the non-discounted price, and sometimes tips are included in the fine print. They used to charge $10 per reservation, but now they don’t. Best news ever.

However, they also used to pride themselves on discretion, stating on their site that, unlike those other coupon sites, you don’t have to mention Savored or show a coupon to receive the discount. Now in the FAQ section, it says “at the end of your meal present your reservation receipt.” This is probably for the best. In our expeicience, the restaurants had almost a 100% failure rate of applying the discount the first time (without being asked).

We have been to these restaurants, and they were all great, with one excpetion, which I’ll explain below.

Bamboo 52*
Churrascaria Tribeca
El Porron
Giorgio’s of Gramercy
Lina Frey
Ponty Bistro
Water Club

*We went to Bamboo 52 twice with a Savored reservation. The first time was fine. The second time, they said they won’t honor the discount on alcohol, so we left without ordering.

They also have restaurants in 9 other cities.

I’m obsessed.


Edit 9/5 – The NYT wrote about Savored yesterday as well. Great minds! …and now I want to go to Le Cirque.


3 thoughts on “Savored – why haven’t I written about this yet?

  1. Claire says:

    I am so doing this.

  2. Oh really? You’re both going to do it? Crazy. :-p
    Now send me your defense of bubble tea!


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