Labor Day street fair


September 3, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Labor Day, or any holiday really, means it’s time for a street fair in Astoria, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate President Cleveland’s hurried distraction for the deaths of workers during the Pullman strike. The fair always stretches from 30th Street on the west side of the N/Q to 41st street, one block west of Steinway. The fairs rotate between Broadway, Ditmars and 30th Avenue, which hosted today’s fair. And they always have the same vendors – your grilled corn, cheap posters, Latin music CDs, goofy carnival rides, zeppolis and the like. Emily, as usual, went for the crepes.

They had your standard street fair crepes, served with cinnamon and powdered sugar on a styrofoam plate. Emily finally mastered the art of walking and eating her crepe simultaneously, no small feat considering the street was packed with Astorians enjoying their afternoon off from work. I had a bite and it was good, every bit the thin, sweet pancake for which Ricky Bobby refused to admit his love in Talladega Nights.

Having eaten only two eggs all day, I was looking for something a little more filling than a bite of crepe at the fair. The fried oreos and zeppolis looked inviting, but I wasn’t looking for dessert. No, I was seeking out a far deeper level of satisfaction. That’s when I saw this:

Yeah, that’s a footlong sausage covered in peppers and onions. Mark estimated it at 1400 calories, while Emily predicted there was a 97% chance I would eat the whole thing. Claire, in a valiant attempt to find redeeming nutritional value, said “At least there’s no cheese on it.”

I won’t leave you suspense – there wasn’t a crumb remaining, except for whatever fell on the street as we walked. The hero was so big it was difficult to get sausage, peppers and bread in one bite. No matter. It was good and spicy and hearty. There is probably still evidence of the meal smeared on my cheeks three hours later. Taste wise, it wasn’t great. But it was good, and very satisfying.

What is your favorite fair food?


Editor’s note: Claire had watermelon chunks served in a cup. The cup appeared to be dirty, but the watermelon, from what I hear, was enjoyable nonetheless. -Emily


3 thoughts on “Labor Day street fair

  1. Mark says:

    I would hope the crepe was delicious considering the time, love and pampering the cook put into each and every one. As for the Ricky Bobby allusion, “We’re American, because you’re in America.”

    And don’t leave out Claire’s dirty watermelon-in-a-cup!

  2. Mark says:

    And thanks for both the abridged and full history lessons this weekend!


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