Fro-Yo Popping Up Like Daisies


September 3, 2012 by Emily Pergament

Fro-yo shops seem to have been popping up all over Astoria like Huns out of the snow in Mulan.  Established chains likes 16 Handles on 30th Ave., the bootleg 32-degrees Fro-yo by Ditmars Blvd and recently Vanilla Sky, on Broadway between 33rd and 34th.

For reasons ranging from the ample seating space and décor to “it’s close to our house” as Emily so eloquently put it, we find ourselves walking the combined 13 streets and seven avenues (bonus points for knowing the correct breakdown) to feast on numerous (well, 16! – that’s factorial, for non-math whizzes) combinations of Eurotart, Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet and of course the basics, chocolate and vanilla.

Coffee with cookie crumbles, red velvet with sprinkles, vanilla with chocolate covered marshmallows

We were split on the Eurotart, although I did concede that it was inferior to the other shops’ version.  Emily was none too pleased with the Red Velvet, but to her discredit had never had it before so don’t take that too seriously. Everything else we’ve had – probably over half the flavors on offer – is up to par.

On to the toppings – the usual assortment of fruits, chocolate delicacies, candies, sprinkles and more.  Overall, not as good as some others we’ve had.  The gummy bears and junior mints are particularly disappointing, especially so for candies with such high reputations.  The gummies seem stale and the mints more like breathmints than Jerry Seinfeld’s bane.  The mini peanut butter cups are another matter entirely – not too solid nor too soft, Goldilocks would have thought them heavenly.

Finally, back to the décor.  Easily the most space and seating room ever to grace a frozen yogurt shop, and comfortable unique seating at that.  A choice between the brightly lit store front fully exposed to the street and the softly lit interior Is not an easy one, but fortunately there is no wrong choice.  Tentatively the top-graded of our three favorite fro-yo haunts in the end.

Live orchids are everywhere

Fro-yo places popping up like daisies near you? Have the perfect mix of flavors or toppings? Inquiring minds want to know!

-Mark and Claire


9 thoughts on “Fro-Yo Popping Up Like Daisies

  1. Emily says:

    Coffee and chocolate, with peanut butter chips and/or Reeses Pieces

  2. Mark says:

    Eurotart and Cookies and cream, gummie bears, crumbled cookies, chocolate sprinkles, mini peanut butter cups and Ghirardellis’ chocolate syrup!

  3. Emily may have been none too pleased with the red velvet, but thats good news for rob who is always looking for flavors he loves that are immune to emily’s wandering spoon


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