Post-Smorgasburg Drinks and more – Three Sheets Saloon

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September 2, 2012 by Emily Pergament

A short L-train ride back into Manhattan and 11-street walk down to the corner of Third St. and Sixth Ave. brought us to Three Sheets Saloon at the direction of Rob and Emily, where we managed to grab the last table before a flood of Purdue Boilermaker (the train, not the drink) football fans packed the bar liked sardines.  At ½ price whole bar from noon-8pm, who would blame them for their choice of venue?

Already into our second round of drinks, certainly not us four.  After some less-than-spirited debate over our increasing rotundness and my “willing to eat it, but won’t be proud to” concession, we put in an order for the Buffalo Chicken Nachos.

At $10.95 you get “tortilla chips with buffalo chicken fingers, celery and melted cheddar.  Served with salsa and bleu cheese” in abundance.  Somehow they managed to bake the cheese onto the chips so that it was crispy while still retaining some semblance of a liquid, which was just fine with me.  The buffalo chicken was some of the best I’ve had, just bursting with flavor and enough kick to satisfy even my spicy tooth without making anyone else cry.  The bar did very well to provide enough chips to account for every last bit of topping as well as enough celery that I was almost able to convince myself it was as much a vegetable as anything I usually eat.

Pair it with an Angry Orchard cider like I did and you won’t be disappointed.

How do you like your nachos? Buffalo chicken? Ever had both?




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