Mama’s worried; blog name explained


August 31, 2012 by Emily Pergament

“Your blog is alarming me… Don’t you want your [wedding] dress to fit?” – text from my mother.

I mean… the only thing that I’d say I’ve eaten and written about that was probably a poor choice was the donut/ice cream sandwich. But that was over a year ago! It might have been two years ago! Please, I used the word “ever” in my title :-p

Also, about the blog name: I am not calling myself (or anyone) fat, I’m not glorifying overeating, I’m not engaging in fat-shaming, I’m not saying eating and enjoying food is unhealthy. I just thought it was a funny, succinct, catchy way to say it’s my NYC food blog. You know that feeling of eating a holiday meal, of being fat and happy? Think of it that way.

Does your mama worry about you? Are you connected with her on social media?



3 thoughts on “Mama’s worried; blog name explained

  1. Rob says:

    Yesterday my mom liked one of my facebook statuses. It felt kind of nice. I usually don’t get too many people to like my facebook statuses even though they’re open to the public, including in China, which is why I always google translate my statuses into Chinese. Not much play though 😦

  2. Jillian says:

    Once I called my dad on just some regular Tuesday and we started talking about something I posted on FB that I knew he’d find interesting. He said, “I was going to comment on your status, but I didn’t want to embarrass you like Mom does, so I just liked it, which is more subtle.” I love my dad.

  3. us. says:

    Do ya think these jeans make me look fat?


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