Homemade chicken veggie soup for lunch


August 31, 2012 by Emily Pergament

On Tuesday night, I made soup in the crock pot. I LOVE the crock pot, even though the things that I make in it don’t always turn out right. (Take, for example, the veggie lentil chili that I thought I was making, but it was the consistency of refried beans when it was done. That’s ok, we ate it on tortillas.)

But this soup is pretty good.


I put in:

white beans
black beans
lots of onions
lots of peas
one chicken breast
chicken stock

I used low sodium ingredients where I could, because canned beans and chicken stock are FULL of sodium, usually. I also added some water until it was the consistency I wanted. I only bought one can of chicken stock, and that didn’t seem to be enough. I cooked it on low for about 5.5 hours.

It turned out ok. The good parts were – it’s very cheap, pretty healthy, makes a lot (between the two of us, we got five lunchs), and it tasted ok after I added pepper. The bad parts were – the chicken didn’t taste good (kind of dry) and there wasn’t a lot of flavor until I added a hearty dose pepper.

Do you love your crock pot?

What can seasonings can I add next time? How do I make the chicken less dry? Chicken always seems to dry out when I make it in the crock pot.



2 thoughts on “Homemade chicken veggie soup for lunch

  1. Jennifer says:

    The trick to good soup is seasoning…use lots of it. Not so much salt (but you do need SOME) but garlic, Italian, pepper etc. I also like to throw in hot sauce or red pepper flakes in my individual bowl but that’s because I like things spicy. You can’t really mess it up. And throw in a can of rinsed black beans for fiber. I also use Todd’s Dirt which is a local concoction. I’ll buy you some. Love, Mom

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh you had black beans….nevermind. The chicken was dry? hmm. Maybe cook that first and then add that later….like cook it in a grill pan. Then just add before you are going to warm it up or about a half hour before serving.


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