Date night part 2 – 59 E 59 theater

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August 31, 2012 by Emily Pergament

After dinner, we went to see the Summer Shorts at 59 E 59 – a theater at that address in Manhattan. It was our fourth show there, the third time at the bar, and our second time at the bar as 29 under 29 members. 29 under 29 members pay $29 per year if they are under 29 years old. The benefits include two cocktails for $9 (usually $8-$12 each), two tickets per show for $15 or less each on the two smaller stages, and $20 for the main stage (and I’ve seen tickets as expensive as $60!). This is awesome because Rob holds the membership, but we each get the benefits. And the plays we saw (three one-acts) were great – they were the best we’ve seen, out of seeing three different sets of Summer Shorts.

Anyway, this is Fat In Manhattan, not Theatrical in Manhattan, so let’s talk drinks. I had the Aidatini (their drinks are named after shows). It had pomegranate juice, citrus vodka, a splash of cointreau (I don’t know what that is), lime, and it was “served up” (I don’t know what that means either). It was good, and it was strong! I’m going to try to learn what those two things are (no I won’t).

Their cocktails are served in disposable martini glasses. The cocktails kind of slosh around because the bar isn’t perfectly even, and the glasses (“glasses”) are filled to the top. You have to sit very still and find a dignified way to sip your drink. I spilled on myself twice. I think because Rob said something funny. (Speaking of Rob, the bar played Red Hot Chili Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins, which he enjoyed.) Thank you black pants.

So the drinks are good, and the bar is crooked. It also gets very crowded since there are really only two waiting areas, but three theaters. The crowd is pretty old – we were the youngest there by at least 30 years – so you usually have to give up your seat if you’re lucky enough to get one. Either out of self-induced guilt or someone asking you.

I had a picture of my Aidatini, but we can’t find it. This blog is a newborn. Baby steps.

What is your favorite cocktail?




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