Cooking class


August 31, 2012 by Emily Pergament

We took a cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education over the weekend. It was a couples cooking class, taught by a couple who wrote a cookbook (“awwww!”). There were seven couples, split between three tables. Our table (two couples) made a chicken, apples and potatoes dish, sweet potato hash and pear tart. The other tables made potato pancakes (there were a lot of potatoes, come to think of it…), steak, kale salad and fish with two different toppings. Oh, and also a cocktail to have with our meal.

Chicken, potatoes and apples

Sweet potato hash – jalepenos, chorizo and goat cheese on top, which I liberally applied

Kale salad with onions, hazelnuts and cheese

After we were done cooking, we all ate together. All the couples were pretty, young, friendly (and I think rich – this class was expensive! – plus, I heard what their jobs were…).

One of Rob’s jobs was arranging the pears on the crust. When the instructor demonstrated before we started, his looked like something out of a magazine. Rob’s looked…. well, kind of sloppy, but it tasted the same. It was “rustic,” the instructor said.

Hard at work

I tried a little – I don’t really like hot fruit (served with ice cream)

We said that if we ever tried to make these dishes in our apartment, it would set off the fire detector – everything got smoky in the kitchen at the class (not smoky because it was burning, but maybe steamy?). Plus, the dishes were pretty labor-intensive. They had lots of ingredients, prep and other steps. Anyway, we tested it out this week… Stay tuned.

Have you taken a cooking class? What did you make? What would you like to learn to make?



One thought on “Cooking class

  1. Mark says:

    Every bit of that sounds incredible. And I share your thoughts on hot fruit, although as you know I will eat anything with ice cream on top of it.


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